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Top Quality NEW STOCK Reconditioned Grade A `MS Windows 10` - Branded reconditioned: desktop, laptop & tablet computers. Also printer/scanners available.


MS Windows 10 tablets with keyboards - NEW range of products. Some of the lowest prices around.

Computer checkup and Remote access repairs - free software downloads linked here - Still only £35.00 or just £35.00 per hour!!
Android TV boxes and USB media streaming TV. We offer a service where we can add additional applications (Apps such as: Kodi 17.3, Genesis and Phoenix) to an existing Android Streaming Media player - enabling people to possibly watch additional free Internet movie content.
NewHard Drive Cloning
We offer a HDD cloning service. This service is enable the genuine duplication and cloning of hard disk drives.
June DEALS CCTV Systems, CCTV cameras & CCTV DVR units on sale. Some of the lowest prices around.
MicrosoftPricing and quality
We continue with our lowest prices for desktop, laptop and tablet computers. We will also continue to provide free protection and maintenance software, if you want it.
MicrosoftVirus and spyware!
Cryptolocker and Cryptowall are two very dangerous types of viruses floating around the Internet and commonly sent via email - As far as we know there is no known cure at the moment.

MicrosoftPlus - hoax phone calls Where the caller tries to con the computer user into following their dangerous instructions. The can sometimes sound plausible, but remember, the big companies rarely phone home users!

NewBT's Parental Controls It appears they can cause issues with some `regular` websites, but only when using some older Microsoft Operating systems - all very strange! When these controls were turned off everything appeared to work correctly again.
NewBT's Router blocks!!Censorship built into the BT Routers, thus preventing Kodi from being used on a stock BT router - unless you tweak the settings within the router you will be unable to use Kodi!
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Dibtech Computers


Welcome to Dibtech Computers


Probably the cheapest hourly rates in Devizes - plus: remote access, home or on-site maintenance and a reliable and professional service.

Dibtech Computers have been in business since 1995 and have built up an excellent reputation with our customers and clients.

We aim to deliver the best possible service that we can to our existing and new clients. We aim to treat everyone with a friendly and polite manner, while demonstrating our professional and experienced attitude.

We try to keep the technical jargon we use to a minimum as much as possible, because we are not in the business of deliberately trying to confuse or over complicate the situation.

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Recent Articles

  • New

    New range of compatible ink cartridges added.

    New range of compatible ink cartridges added..
  • Technology

    Repairs and maintenance

    We can: assess and repair your computer: via remote access, home or business visit or a drop off and repair service. Our prices are still probably the best value in the area. Plus, you will receive a professional, honest and friendly experience. Please look at our remote access page, including a link to the software.
  • TechnologyAnti-virus, anti-spyware, data recovery, data transfer, computer repairs, computer upgrades, computer maintenance, new builds, sales, reconditioned components, networks, wireless & WiFi, storage and more.
  • TechnologyWe offer specialist computer and laptop repairs at affordable and reasonable rates. We can carry out most work with the client or at our office - but, it would depend upon the exact nature of the work to be carried out. We offer new and genuinely reconditioned or repaired desktop, laptop and tablet computers.
    • Protection

      Microsoft Windows 10 updating without permission and free update has ended!

      A new MS Windows 10 support page has been added to our list of support pages and general information is still on our services page.
    • Protection

      Keep your computer protection up to date

      There are some real nasty virus and spyware files being sent all over the Internet at the moment. You will no doubt have seen some strange emails over the past few months, from random and fake email addresses - the emails are a bit of a give away because they often have no specific information for the reader and often imply the urgent need for the reader to have to open a non-specific attachment. Often the attachment is compressed or has no apparent readable data, but, if you open the attachment (which we do not advise) it is very likely to hijack, virus or encrypt all of the computers data files - your documents, pictures, emails, videos etc. Be warned!
    • Virus

      Virus & spyware protection

      There are a number of genuinely good free anti-virus and anti-spyware applications available - plus there are a number of not so good applications that are not free! It is always worth checking before installing something.
    • Cloned

      Partially Cloned email addresses

      We have recently started to see an issue with partially cloned email addresses, where the first part of an email address, the part before the `@` is used and a random address after the `@` is used. The partially cloned email address is then used to impersonate the original email address and `spoof` the recipients into opening the email, believing it to be genuine. They even appear to know the original (genuine) email address and name, then incorporate this into the spoof email. Be careful who`s emails you reply to - be warned!
    • About

      USB 3.0 & 3.1 ports and cables

      USB 3.0 & USB 3.1 are both available, both are blue or have a blue insert within the port - USB 3.0 & 3.1 cables should be used in conjunction with the USB 3.0 & 3.1 ports to gain the full speed potential - USB 2 cables with a black insert are different to USB 3.0 & 3.1 cables, they have less internal connections, and if used with USB 3.0 or 3.1 will produce USB 2 speeds.
    • New

      Media players & Kodi

      Media players/boxes with Android and Kodi - these are currently available from Dibtech Computers. We can upgrade your version of Kodi and update or install Kodi Add-ons for your media streaming device. There are two versions of Android available on our media devices (Android v 5.1 or 6.0) and there is one version of Kodi available (Kodi 17.3 `Krypton`) - Kodi 16.1 has now been replaced on the Kodi website and currently Kodi 18 `Leia` is being tested, but is deemed unstable at the moment.
    • New


      Deals and offers - LED lighting and accessories (for household lighting sockets). Including GU10, E14, E27 & BC22 domestic bulbs. We also have 12V LED light strips and adapters. A range of various bulbs and accessories.

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