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From the beginning
We always try and provide the best service that we can.
For over 12 years
We have always kept our prices as low as possible. We have not increased our labour rate in over 9 years! Still ONLY £35.00 per hour.
Cloud services
There are many new Cloud type services becoming available all of the time, some now offer quite large storage capacity and some of these are FREE!

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Data recovery:

Terms & Conditions:

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Dibtech Computers


Information + T&Cs

The complete information regarding our services you will find on the "Service" page.

  • Hourly rates

    Minimum on site charge - is £35.00 or one hour, then £17.50 for every half hour.
  • Minimum office charge - is £17.50 or half an hour, then £17.50 for every half hour.

  • Travel rates

    We do NOT invoice for travel within a One mile radius of our office or within the town limits. Travel further than two miles from our office is charged at £25.00 per hour; this includes travel to and from the client. All parts of the half hour or hour are rounded up to the nearest quarter hour or hour. There are NO call-out charges.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £25.00 per hour.

  • Telephone rates

    Telephone & Internet technical support charges - is charged at £17.50 per half hour. All telephone & Internet technical support (including remote diagnostic work) will be invoiced at the standard half hourly rate. Advice about purchasing from Dibtech Computers is free of charge. Warranty technical support is free of charge, only when the problem is relating to a product failure or technical problem. Telephone advice is free (limited)!!

This service is charged at our standard rate of £17.50 per 1/2 hour.

  • Quotations

    All quotations via the telephone or Internet are free of charge. Any quotations that require us to visit the client may be invoiced at our standard rates; this will depend upon the individual situation.

This service is £Free.

  • Guarantees

    All work carried out by Dibtech Computers is guaranteed for a specific period of time. Work carried out by Dibtech Computers will generally not be guaranteed for more than 48 hours; depending on the nature of the work. Any new component that Dibtech Computers supply will carry a manufacturers warranty and limited warranty from us (depending on specific product and sales details); this will be put in writing at the time of purchase. If the client or any other person appears to have modified or made changes that affect work carried out by Dibtech Computers or a product supplied by Dibtech Computers, this then voids the guarantee. Downloads, spyware, virus, `acts of god`, power surges, floods, misuse, deliberate damage, accidental damage etc also void guarantees of work and possibly hardware warranties. Warranties are all specific to the item and specific the individual use or misuse of the items.


  • Payment

    All invoices are to be paid on completion of work or on receipt of goods. There may be some exceptions to this, only when previously agreed in writing. Mail order products and services are to be paid for in advance.

  • Postage & packaging

    P&P is charged by weight, size and/or numbers of packages. Standard courier or postal charges apply.
  • This service is charged at standard courier or postage rates.

  • Other charges or non-specific rates

    In some cases it is easier to simply quote for work in advance. An example of this kind of work would be website design or data recovery, in this case normal hourly charges do not apply. The client will be informed about such charges in advance in writing or by email.
  • This service is charged at quoted rate.


  • Data recovery prices

    Data recovery prices are all based upon quotations and if you are a private customer or a business customer. It would also depend upon the amount of data and what we were recovering the data to..

    This service is quoted for in advance.

    Data information

    If the hard disk drive is physically damaged and needs to be removed from the clients computer and then recovered, this takes more time and technical knowledge. It is not always obvious why or how the data was lost or damaged, in most situations we will need to assess the cause of the problem.

    When the hard disk drive has damaged sectors we would normally attempt to repair this before attempting data recovery. Sometimes the data is not located in or on these damaged sectors, in this case we would simply attempt to recover the data and then possibly attempt to repair the hard disk drive later. If the hard disk drive is not repaired, then the client would need to consider their options.

    Sometimes, depending upon how damaged the hard disk drive is, it may not always be possible to recover the data. If the hard disk drive has been crushed, physically damaged or doesn't power on at all, then we would not offer our data recovery service.

    Every hard disk drive problem is different. In most cases the data recovery service is used when either: the hard disk drive has become damaged, the computer doesn't work correctly, the operating system has become corrupt or the data has been deleted or removed.

    If data is recovered for the client, the client needs to consider some or all of the following: how will the data be provided for the client and on what type of media, what will the client do with the recovered data, does the client have the means to read the recovered data, does the client possess all the relevant re-installation software in the event that the hard disk drive needs to be replaced and other more specific issues.

    Please contact us if you need further advice.

  • Terms & conditions


A Dibtech Computers warranty for new computers and components is for either `one year return to base (RTB) or on site. If the client purchases an additional warranty for an extended period, other than for the first year, the client will be informed in writing. Warranties are only provided for the hardware listed in an invoice.

Warranties (2)

Components that are not part of our/any warranties are: consumables, batteries, fans, mice, keyboards, cases and leads.

Warranty (3)

Items found to be damaged on receipt, after a delivery must be reported with in 7 days to Dibtech Computers. The approved methods are: telephone, letter, fax or email. In the case of electronic transmission, proof of transmission does not imply proof of receipt. Dibtech Computers will provide an RMA number, which must be quoted, by the client.

No warranty is transferable by the client, unless the item has been returned under warranty and/or agreed by Dibtech Computers in writing.

Warranty (4)

All warranties provided by Dibtech Computers are void in the case of: power surges, floods, accidents, misuse, deliberate damage, negligence and incorrect technical adjustments leading to damage (acts of God).

Warranty (change of)

Dibtech Computers reserve the right to change these warranty procedures and guarantees without prior notice.

GDPR 2018 - Data Protection (holding of personal information)

When you provide Dibtech Computers with your: name, address, telephone number & email address (for invoice purposes), you are consenting for Dibtech Computers being able hold that information in an off-line database - We do not pass on any of our database information to third party organisations or individuals. The information is held for accounting purposes only.

If you would like your details to be removed from our off-line database, please contact us and we will remove your details. We do not hold or retain any payment details or banking details and only retain very limited customer information for the sole purpose of holding records of work carried out and for items being sold. We do not retain any customer details for any other purposes and do not use email or mailing lists for any purpose. All email is sent/received using SSL and our web forms are also secure. Your privacy is important to us.


The warranty may be invalidated by any additional hardware being installed within or attached to the computer unit/component or drivers that are not compatible with the computer.


No warranty is provided by Dibtech Computers for any software installed or purchased. The software manufacturers provide limited software warranties.

Software (2)

Software and data contained on or within a computer or computer equipment, is NOT the responsibility of Dibtech Computers or any other company covering any or all warranties. The purchaser takes sole responsibility for safe guarding any data. It is highly recommended that data be backed up.

Legal (software)

All software provided by Dibtech Computers is protected by international law, the law of the country and regulations stipulated by the software manufacturer, where applicable.

Adjustments (technical or messing up)

The warranty provided by Dibtech Computers may be invalidated, if unauthorised technical adjustments are carried out by anyone other than Dibtech Computers or a company specified by Dibtech Computers.

Buying (pre and post purchase)

No: computer, laptop, component, product, software or anything else is sold on a trial basis. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that they request the correct components, software or any other item, prior to purchase.

It is the customers responsibility, where applicable to ensure that any: product, item, consumable or peripheral purchased or to be used with other components sold by Dibtech Computers (or anyone else), is genuinely compatible or acceptable, before buying. Please refer to instruction manuals, booklets, disks or manufacturers websites where applicable.


Warranties provided by Dibtech Computers are non transferable. Dibtech Computers reserve the right to use third party companies to cover any warranties that we provide. Manufacturers warranties take priority.

All items remain the property of Dibtech Computers until full and final payment has been completed.

Replacement and or refunds

Goods will be repaired or replaced during the warranty period, as long as the damage or fault was not deemed to contravene any of the rules listed.

Money will only be refunded if the item is: not repairable, no replacement can be found or if Dibtech Computers deems it suitable to do so. Subject to terms and conditions listed.

Other software

If non-genuine software is installed on any computer provided by or repaired by Dibtech Computers, this then invalidates all warranties provided through Dibtech Computers. Dibtech Computers only ever provides genuine software.

Virus and/or spyware damage

Problems such as: virus, spyware, spam and other such Internet or software swapping induced faults are not protected under any Dibtech Computers warranty.

File sharing or downloaded software

Faults or problems attributed to the Internet or file sharing that were not prevented by protection software (paid or free), are not part of any warranty provided by Dibtech Computers.

Internet software

No Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Internet software packages (including downloads or updates) are part of any warranty from Dibtech Computers.


Any or all warranty/guarantee documents, boxes, packaging and other associated items, are the responsibility of the purchaser.


All boxes and packaging are to be kept (by the customer) for warranty purposes. The manufacturer and Dibtech Computers require that any item that is to be returned to the manufacturer or vendor for warranty purposes, must be returned with all software, booklets, instructions, peripherals, cables and packaging or the warranty may be invalidated by the manufacturer.


All invoices are to be paid on completion of work or on receipt of goods. Mail order products and services are to be paid for in advance, unless agreed in writing.

On occasion, we may (for businesses only) allow customers to pay for work or product items on specific and individual terms.

Late payments or failed payments

Late payments to Dibtech Computers may incur a surcharge at a rate of interest of 3% higher than Lloyds Bank or a minimum of £10.00.

Any payment to Dibtech Computers that fails, will incur a surcharge - see above.

Collection of goods or products

If a client does not collect their equipment within 8 weeks of completion of any work or refuses to pay their invoice, their equipment may be sold to recoup any costs. If the client is unable to collect their equipment with genuine reasons (hospital, major family problem, death or similar) additional time might be granted or we may return the item, with delivery charges (if appropriate).

If the client fails to inform us, ignores correspondence or telephone calls, their equipment will be sold after 10 weeks.