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Counterfeit Software
Many of the Microsoft products are distributed by Microsoft as part of their `Home Use Program` (HUP) or Enterprise software, these are then often resold by individuals. Have a read of this and know how to identify dubious downloads, before you buy! Please also refer to our MS Windows 10 page.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office comes in various versions - online version is 365 and off line version is 2016. It also comes as: `Office Home & Student`, Office Home & Business and Professional` - to name just a few! Plus, then you need to consider: disc, download and other media.
It is now extremely complicated and many individuals and businesses don't really know what they need and even if they have a license for a year or for a life time!
Now add in the dubious and counterfeit software, the huge variation in cost, the licensing arrangements and other factors and you can begin to see where this might very well go wrong!

DataCable repairsMS Windows 10

PAT Testing

Virus & SpywarePC CheckupRemote Access


    MS Windows 7

  • MS Windows 7 Professional 32 bit
    MS Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

MS Windows 10

MS Windows 10 32 bit (Flash)
MS Windows 10 64 bit (Flash)
MS Windows 10 Professional 32/64 bit (Flash)


MS Office 365/2016

MS Office 2016 Home & Student Edition
MS Office 2016 Home & Business Edition
MS Office 2016 Professional Edition


Various general software

Avast - Anti-Virus software
CCleaner - Maintenance software
Malwarebytes - Anti-Spyware software
SuperAntispyware - Anti-Spyware software
AeroAdmin - Remote Data diagnostic software
Speccy - Specification software

Protection More Software Here <<<