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Microsoft Virus and spyware!
Cryptolocker and Cryptowall are two very dangerous types of viruses floating around the Internet and commonly sent via email - As far as we know there is no known cure at the moment.

Microsoft Another email scam - This time they may well use your real name - but, the email contains no factual information. It is often an invoice which has been compressed (zipped) or placed on a site for you to download. The signs to look for are: not expecting an invoice, no details in the email, a compressed file or attachment, remote download file, company doesn't exist or you have never heard of them! If in doubt - don't open the file!

Microsoft Plus hoax phone calls The caller tries to con the computer user into following their dangerous instructions.

Microsoft Another phone scam - where they try to convince the person that they owe money and then pay money into your bank account, but then want it back!

Microsoft BT's Parental Controls It appears they can cause issues with some `regular` websites, but only when using some older Microsoft Operating systems - all very strange! When these controls were turned off everything appeared to work correctly again.
New BT's Router blocks!!Censorship built into the BT Routers, thus preventing Kodi from being used on a stock BT router - unless you tweak the settings within the router you will be unable to use Kodi!
Android TV boxes and USB Media firesticks - . We offer a service where we can add additional applications.
We offer a DATA RECOVERY service. This service is enable the recovery of data from various computer devices.
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Microsoft News Articles

  • Here will be all of our future news articles - including the latest information on anything that we think is of interest.

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    Apple & Samsung fined for slowing down old phones.

    Read the link above (located on Uswitch) and see what has happened.

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    Microsoft Windows 10 1809 update October 2018

    The MS Windows 10 1809 - released. Apparently there was a major issue with another recent update that deteled data within systems. Microsoft have apparently stated that this update has been fixed and will not delete data!

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    Microsoft Windows 10 1803 update May 2018

    The MS Windows 10 1803 update arrived and then was patched within 3 weeks and patch is still being released (at the time of writing this)! We suggest that you backup data on a regular basis - things can always go wrong with these updates and patches!

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    Microsoft Windows 10 1709 update 2018 and 1803 updates

    You may have noticed that MS Windows 10 has been updating again, from about late January through February? Well, another big update is forecast in March called, "Spring Update" or 1803 - also a second update is forecast later in the year in about August, probably to be named, "Fall update 2018" or similar. Be very careful with the Microsoft updates, it appears that an old method of turning updates off may not work these days!

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    Microsoft Windows 10 1709 Is It Working For You?

    We have recently noticed that MS Windows 10 has began to develop issues with: MS Store, Start Menu, Cortana, Accounts, MS Edge, Action Center and more. Some people have reinstalled or carried out a Repair Re-installation to try and repair theses problems - and it still hasn't worked! We have found this problem ourselves on various computer systems and have had a 95% repair success rate (without the need to reinstall the operating system).

  • Fake or real (Batteries)?

    Do you know what batteries you are buying? It is not just about money, it's about safety and the hidden dangers! Exploding devices or devices catching fire - could this be your FAKE batteries?

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    Microsoft Windows 10 & Office 365/2016 - Fake Software!!

    It is becoming more and more apparent that FAKE or COUNTERFEIT software downloads of mainly Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 are being sold via EBay and other well known major online companies. We have seen both being offered - it will be you who lose out (not them), if you buy them, they will take your money and the product may only last a few weeks to a few months. Software piracy is illegal!

  • Repairs and Maintenance

    We can assess and repair your computer: via remote access, home or business visit or a drop off and repair service. Our prices are still the best value in the area. Plus, you will receive a professional, honest and friendly experience. Please look at our remote access page, including a link to the software.

    • Media Players & KODI

      Media players/boxes with Android and Kodi - available from Dibtech Computers. We can upgrade your version of Kodi and update or install Kodi Add-ons for your TV media streaming device. There are two versions of Android available on our media devices (Android v 5.1 or 6.0) and there is one version of Kodi available Kodi 17.6 `Krypton` - Kodi on the Xbox One is coming soon!

    • Hard Disk Drive Cloning

      We offer a HDD cloning service. This service is enable the genuine duplication and cloning of hard disk drives.

    • CCTV Recording & Control Units

      We have some of the cheapest CCTV units in Devizes.

    • New

      LED Lighting

      Deals and offers - LED lighting and accessories (for household lighting sockets). Including GU10, E14, E27 & BC22 domestic bulbs. We also have 12V LED light strips and adapters. A range of various bulbs and accessories.

    • Qualified, Experienced & Low Cost PAT Testing

      We have some of the cheapest PAT Testing in Devizes.


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