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NewNovember News
We noticed various recent articles about the apparent safety concerns with various Chinese Android TV Boxes - Our observation, (as qualified PAT testers) is that they are mainly low voltage units and no more unsafe than any other product that is manufactured in China and then re-branded and sold in many large high street shops!
These are unofficial add-ons that can provide additional viewing pleasure.
NewAlternative choices
There are other add-ons that can also be used. These are just a few that we have seen.

Android mediaHelp


Media Player add-ons for Android Streaming Devices

Such as: an Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV (4k), Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Minix Box, WeTek, generic Android TV boxes & many others too.

NewContact us if you need your media box or device software updated!

Kodi 18.0 now out. Kodi (beta) on Xbox One.

We can update your:
  1. Kodi installation
  2. Update your add-ons
  3. Add new services
  4. Add new programs
  5. Provide maintenance
  6. We don't offer tuition or demonstrations
  7. We don't install any software that can be misused

  • Media Players/Box

  • Hardware:
  • Android 8GB storage Media box with Kodi - from £49.00
  • Android 16GB storage Media box with Kodi - from £75.00
  • Android 32GB storage Media box with Kodi - from £95.00
  • WIFI Mini Keyboard with touch pad and dongle - from £19.00
  • USB 4 port expansion adapter - from £7.00
  • HDMI 3 way splitter with remote and power adapter - from £20.00
  • Software:
  • Kodi upgrade and add-on service - from £35.00
  • Media players/boxes with Android and Kodi - these are currently available from Dibtech Computers. There are two versions of Android available on our media devices (Android v 5.1 or 6.0) and there is one version of Kodi available (Kodi 18.0 `Leia`).
  • There are three main groups of media player/boxes - storage in GB, RAM in GB and chipset types - the Amlogic S905 is one of the entry level chipsets and the S912 is one of the better chipsets in the Amlogic range.
  • >> Click here for more information << (Full list)
  • >> Click here for more information << (Amlogic)
  • The media players/boxes - will consist of a media box with: an HDMI port, USB ports, memory card port, sound port and a power socket. The device will come with: the media box, UK mains power adapter, HDMI cable, manual, remote control (no batteries) and installed with Android and Kodi (with some add-ons).
  • Software - Android is supplied with the media box and part of the construction. Kodi will be installed as an extra feature and configured by us. We will then install some add-on applications and services, but we do not imply or suggest that we provide any specific additional application or advice that can be used to by-pass other services.
  • Ethernet cable or adapters (Homeplugs or Powerline adapters) - We would strongly suggest that an ethernet cable or homeplugs/powerline adapters are used, instead of WIFI connections.
  • Fast broadband and not standard broadband - as with any streaming or online game playing, the faster your broadband service, the better your online streaming or gaming experience will be. Standard broadband speeds may cause any streaming or online game playing to pause or stop (buffer)
  • Restrictions - Your ISP may or may not place restrictions of use via their online service (your account settings) or via their internet equipment (router). If your media box does not seem to work with your ISP or with your equipment - see the bottom of this page for more details.
  • Legal bit - We will not be offering any method to view material that you are not legally able to view or any method to view subscription based media. We do not support any of the software on the media devices; we only provide support for the hardware.
  • If you require a price for an Android media box, please contact us. We presently can supply either an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB version with either Android 5.1 or 6.0.

  • Kodi Version 18.0 is out.

    Kodi, is a media player that was previously known as XBMC. It has a lot of hidden features thanks to its huge collection of Kodi add-ons, that bring even more functionality to the media player.
  • But, on its surface Kodi is already a fantastic media player that has become almost the default software for many home theatre PCs thanks to its slick interface that has been built especially for TVs. It's also the standard player on a variety of Android-based media players and set-top boxes.
  • You can unlock all sorts of new abilities with the exciting world of unofficial Kodi add-ons. These add-ons can give you access to a universe of streamed audio and video, making Kodi the only software you might need to act as the front-end of your entire home entertainment setup.
  • However, this add-on and all of its features do not affect any features or apps already installed on the media device.
  • We can now supply some of these devices, but we only add legal software to your device or to any device that we sell. Please do not ask for anything illegal!
  • This service is charged at £35.00 per hour.

    • Media Player Add-ons

      This service - We can add some software (not all, due to the change in EU laws 2018) and add-ons to Android media streaming devices only. There are various ones being sold on the Internet and most will allow additional software to be added. We can install Kodi software and then add various additional add-ons into it. The add-ons then give the user ability to watch media from various websites via the Android device, on their television or computer.
    • The additional applications (apps) and software do not affect the device and the original software, but it may affect any warranties if the device needs to be replaced and has found to be adjusted by the user, which then leads to a unit failure.
    • Some of the Android boxes come with various USB ports and SD card slots - we can set them up as full media players and even network them to a MS Windows computer. Memory sticks, external hard disk drives and media cards can all be used.

    Kodi image


Main window of Kodi

Below is a list of the most popular add-ons that we have found available on the internet..

There are some names you maybe haven't seen before, they all offer apparently different types of media and genres. We don't promote these applications in any way, but we do suggest that you consider an unlimited broadband service and have one of the faster packages (not essential) from your ISP provider, if you are going to view streamed media - this is the same for any streamed media, including mainstream services such as: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Amazon and many more.

There are always new add-ons appearing but in the list below you will see some old names, names you can trust to give you exactly what you want and some new ones.

Some of the popular unofficial Kodi add-ons 2019 that are available:

  • 123Movies
  • 1Channel
  • 4Horsemen
  • Bob Unleashed
  • cCloud
  • Covenant
  • Evolve
  • Exodus
  • Genesis
  • Phoenix
  • Pro Sport
  • Redemption
  • Sanctuary
  • Specto
  • Sports Devil
  • Stream Hub
  • UK Turk Playlists
  • Zem

This software is not located on our server and we do not install them!


BT - It has recently become apparent that you will need to reconfigure your BT Home Hubs or any BT Hub with `Smart Setup` and then disabled it within the router to be able to use Kodi while using equipment supplied from this ISP.

Virgin Media - It has recently become apparent that you will need to disable both `Virus Safe` and `Child Safe` to for you to be able to use Kodi while using this ISP, located within your online account and not in the router.

Sky Broadband - It was also become apparent that you may need to disable the `Sky Broadband Shield` to be able to use Kodi while using this ISP, located within your online account and not in the router.

TalkTalk - It was also become apparent that you may need to disable the `HomeSafe` to be able to use Kodi while using this ISP, located within your online account and not in the router.

Plusnet Broadband - It was also become apparent that you may need to disable `SafeGuard` to be able to use Kodi while using this ISP, located within your online account and not in the router.